Removing a tooth is a last resort. Dentists do everything we can to save teeth by cleaning them, filling them, and anything else necessary to keep them functioning well in your mouth. But, when a tooth is so damaged or decayed it’s putting the rest of your mouth and health at risk, a tooth extraction becomes the best solution.

Reasons for a Tooth Extraction

There are a number of reasons a tooth can become so damaged it needs to be removed. Tooth decay is a common one. Teeth can become decayed from poor oral hygiene or a high sugar diet. There are also times where unfortunate incidents, like a fall, can leave teeth in an unrecoverable state. Teeth may also be removed at the request of an orthodontist to aid in braces and orthodontic treatment.

Wisdom Teeth

Some tooth extractions are due to third molars or wisdom teeth growing in. These teeth are often impacted, which can leads to pain, infection and other oral health issues. To avoid this, the dentist will obtain x-rays on young adults to evaluate if wisdom teeth have a clear path to grow in that will not interfere with other teeth.

If, there is not a clear path, the wisdom teeth will need to be evaluated by an oral surgeon and may need to be extracted to prevent future complications.