Fluoride Treatments

Healthy smiles in Raleigh is dedicated to providing as many resources as possible to our patients to maintain their oral health. One such resource we stand behind is fluoride treatments.

The Benefits of Fluoride

It’s now well accepted that fluoride has a beneficial impact on teeth. Sugars and bacteria can demineralize teeth leading them to decay. Teeth can actually remineralize, and fluoride is a key element that strengthens them.

Water in most cities has added fluoride, and although beneficial, it is not in concentrations that constitute a full treatment. A highly concentrated amount of fluoride given safely in a dentist office can have a protective effect that can last many years.

Giving Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride treatments can be done in a number of ways. The most effective fluoride treatment is fluoride varnish that is applied directly to the teeth. There are also trays with fluoride that can be applied directly to the teeth as a gel.

Please inquire with us to learn more. Fluoride is a very useful tool to fight against tooth decay. Periodic treatments can go a long way. Children can receive an especially significant benefit if their teeth are strengthened with fluoride treatments while they are young to prevent tooth decay.