Regular Cleanings/Exams

We understand life in Raleigh can get pretty busy. That doesn’t mean your child should ever skip things that are essential to their health. Having regular cleanings and exams by a dentist is one of these essentials to always make time for.

Why You Need Regular Cleanings and Exams

Over time, tartar and plaque build up between teeth as we eat meals and go about our daily lives. If this build up is not cleaned, it can begin to cause tooth decay and gum disease.

Having a dentist carefully examine your child’s teeth and gums can prevent possible dental issues from progressing. The dentist takes periodic x-rays to help identify cavities and is also able to identify other potential problems during your child’s visit.

Dental Anxiety

A common reason for people to avoid getting regular cleanings and exams is a fear of the dentist. We work very hard to make our office a comfortable and inviting environment and work with children and teens to overcome any fears during their visit.